Tips to Improve your Work from Home Contact Center Agents’ Productivity

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COVID-19 pandemic has established Work from Home as the most viable alternative, and businesses from all over the world have seriously assessed the possibilities of deploying remote workforce for everyone.

This pandemic has rendered business organizations from around the world, helpless. Leveraging work from home has helped organizations to offer their services uninterruptedly to the clients. However, contact center employees working from home tend to experience fatigue due to monotony. While workspaces allow employees to interact with each other, also the competitiveness brings the best out of them. But when contact center agents are working from a remote location, they’re prone to feel laziness and experience low motivation. In this article, we bring the best tips for agents and managers that will help them to improve their work from home contact center agent’s productivity.

Tips for Managers

Below are the tips that managers can take to improve their contact center service agents’ productivity

Assign Right Job to the Right Person

When employees are assigned the tasks they are good at, they end up outperforming themselves. By allowing the subject matter experts handle the processes, business organizations can easily move towards better customer satisfaction. Thus, managers need to be smart & quick with their scheduling; traverse the reports to find out employees that have shown exemplary performance in the past few months & allot work accordingly.

Make it Competitive

Managers must ensure that the competitive spirit is alive in employees to keep them productive. By setting small targets & letting agents compete among themselves for the “performer of the week/month” title will help managers get the best out of their agents. You can also conduct off the topic competitions such as a selfie contest, where the agent with best workstation selfie wins; these small but caring tasks will keep the agents engaged & will stop uniformity from seeping in.

Coaching & Mentorship

Managers & other key-stake holders should interact with contact center agents from time to time & help them up-scale. Coaching & mentorship, when provided through remote sessions, help agents learn new things from the comfort of their homes. When employees get to learn new things & grow from the comfort of their homes, they are less likely to leave the organizations & tend to serve for a longer period.

Tips for Agents

Below are the productivity tips for contact cents agents working from home:

Start Early

Contact center agents are not just responsible for answering lots of calls but are also required to fill forms & generate reports daily. Starting early in the morning will help you to accomplish your tasks at the earliest, and you’ll have the rest of the day for yourself. This will also help you provide better support to customers, leading to higher productivity & more sales.

Plan your day as if you’re in Office

Agents often lose track of time when they’re working from home, which leads to downfall in the performance. Planning your work from home days just like your regular office days will benefit you immensely. This will help you keep track of time & compare how much you’ve accomplished without getting distracted. Leveraging Google sheet, calendar & reminders will help you schedule your days and adhere to the timelines.

Establish Your Workspace

When you’re working from remote locations, you have the liberty to choose your work location, but make sure you choose the one that improves your attention span & productivity. Find one such corner in your house & convert it into your workspace. Bring in a comfortable chair, establish your work system & use organizers to keep everything in place. When your workspace is clean, organized & well-lit, it helps you to focus better.

Contact center agents working from home can easily achieve an exceptional level of work-life balance by making the most of the tips shared in this article.

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