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Ask Dr.Mohan 's Best Diabetologist in India to know how to check your right Glucose Level and Learn with us How to control Diabetes for a Hassle-free Life experience.


Who We Are?

Dr. Mohan's diabetes consultant has massive experience in treating Diabetes and it's related causes and diseases. We strive to deliver the best treatment around the world for diabetic Mellitus and hypertension patients.


Why Choose Dr.Mohans for Best Blood Sugar Glucose Level Test?

Blood sugar Glucose Level tests provide instant results and let you know the following:

  1. Your diet or exercise routine needs to change

  2. How your diabetes medications or treatment is working

  3. If your blood sugar levels are high or low

  4. Your overall treatment goals for diabetes are manageable

Our Medical Services in Dr. Mohans diabetes hospital.


Call us for;

Diabetes Prevention, Diabetes Diet, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Precision Diabetes, Insulin Management, Hypoglycemia, Eye Care, Foot Care, Cardiac Care, Kidney Care, Diabetes Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Care, Surgeries, Dental Care, Pregnancy, Fitness, Home Care, Obesity Centre, Insurance & Corporate Services, International Patients

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Want to know How to control diabetes? Consult Dr.Mohans Diabetes Specialist in Bangalore. Please feel free to call or Book your appointment with a top-notch Diabetes Doctor Near me and get rid of your annoying Diabetics.

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No.6-B, Conran Smith Road, Near Sathyam Cinemas, Gopalapuram Chennai - 600086

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